5 easy and effective tips for writing an essay


Essay writing is a very daunting work which makes the person very much frustrated. If someone wants to improve their skills in writing the essay, then they have to be restricted with their timings. It will take little time to get into writing so give some time and do not leave the practice. If you are one of them who wants to write the perfect essay then with the help of the given information one can get to know about it.

There are some people who are confused in deciding how long is an essay should be. So ask from the instructor about the words limit. In case, if the limits are much then make better research for collecting the information rather than filling up the general information.


There are many tips which can help the person to know best about writing the essay. Few of those tips are:-

Pick the topic

It is the most important part in which one should pay lots of attention. If the writer picks the topic which is not of his interest, then it will not let the writer bring out much information due to having a lack of interest. That is why look far away to find the one topic which is of the writer’s interest. Don’t only cover the curiosity of the writer; check out the demand of readers also.

Create the outline

Make sure to create an outline in the essay. If the writer makes the outlines, then it will help the person to know about the main points. Sometimes people will get bored while reading, so they left the reading. If the outlines are made, then it will help them to know about the main thing which is important to look for.

Thesis statement

You have a topic but what about the thesis statement. Everyone is aware of the topic but make the thesis statement also as it will help the reader to know what is written in the entire essay.

Start writing

Now it is the time when the writing is to be made. Make the intro of the essay and mention what is written in full essay with the sources from where the information is collected. Cover all the information in the body and write the conclusion at the end by showing the result.

So don’t worry about how long is an essay will be, just remember to cover all the information within the described word limits.